Books – English

How to raise and train a Briard

  • Author:Mary Lou Tingley
  • Year:1965

Briards in England

  • Author:Ruth Bumstead
  • Year:1978
  • ISBN:no ISBN

Briards in England

The Briard

A french tail (The British Briard Club)

  • Author:The British Briard Club
  • Year:1983
  • ISBN:no ISBN

A french tail two (The British Briard Club)

  • Author:The British Briard Club
  • Year:1994
  • ISBN:no ISBN

A third french tail (The British Briard Club)

  • Author:The British Briard Club
  • Year:2003
  • ISBN:no ISBN





Briards past and present : Conversations with leading breeders

Berger Briard Training Secrets

Briard dog training

Medical, genetic and behavioral risk factors of Beaucerons and Briards

The Briard

Berger de Brie training secrets

Berger Briard training secrets

Briard training secrets

Secrets to make a hyperactive and naughty Briard obey

Briard : how to own, train and care for your Briard

Medical, genetic and behavioral risk factors of Briards

A report about the fact that Sid the Briard used to live here

Briard The secret of life or death

The dog who grew too much

  • Author:Polly Cameron
  • Year:1958
  • ISBN:no ISBN

The Polly Cameron picture book

  • Author:Polly Cameron
  • Year:1970
  • ISBN:no ISBN

Pryn the sheep dog

  • Author:Gerda Muller - Roslind Sutton
  • Year:1976
  • ISBN:0-904494-438

The total dog book

How to start your own business selling collectible products of Briards

Dog breeds 101 : Your in-depth guide to man’s best friend

Briard memory journal

Fun Briard dog training and understanding guid book

How to speak and understand your Braird’s hidden language

I want a pet Briard – Fun learning activities

Briard a dog journal

My Briard – A dog journal for you to record your dog’s life as it happens!

Leash up’s 101 reasons I love my Briard

My dog’s life

Briard (diary)

Briard activities

Briard activities

Briard guide

Briard January notebook

Briard training guide

Briard training guide

Briard training guide

How to Train Your Briard (Dog Training Collection)

The Briard : A complete and comprehensive owners guide

The Briarddog journal


  • Year:2017

Briard colouring book

Briard complete owners manual

  • Author:George Hoppendale and Asia Moore
  • Year:2017
  • ISBN:9781912057641

Briard dog breed notebook

Briard tricks training (part 1)

Briard tricks training (part 2)

Briard tricks training (part 3)

Home medicine bible for your Briard

I Just Wanna Journal and Pet My Briard

Love your Briard and play sudoku

Who will come to my party ?

Briard presents : Doggy wordsearch vol.1

Briard presents : Doggy wordsearch vol.2

Briard presents : Doggy wordsearch vol.3

Briard presents : Doggy wordsearch vol.5

I love my Briard 2

My Briard for president

Prince Tobi : the dog angel

All I need is my Briard

Always be yourself, unless you can be a Briard

I just really like Briard

I love my dog Briard

The thoughts of my Briard: Monthly planner 2021

Briard coloring calendar

Briard happy birthday cards: Do it yourself

Briard memory game

Briard ornaments: color – cut – hang

Briard stickers : do it yourself

Briard Valentine’s day cards: do it yourself

Briard Journal